Ladies Jeep Inspired 2021 Planner, Goal Tracker, Jeep Designer....
and MORE!
Limited Number Available! We are determined to make 2021 a Good Year...jump in and Drive Your Life into 2021 with this ONE OF A KIND Planner. 
Are You Ready to turn off
the main trail and shift into
4 wheel drive
I Want to PERSONALLY Invite You To Join us now for the Drive of your life! is a fully interactive, online Educational and Training Program for Ladies. 

Not to mention....SUPPORT in a SAFE and empowering environment to ask ANY question to learn and gain more knowledge!! 
This Amazing Planner breaks down everything in one place for you into 3 sections.

Section I is all about you! Designing, creating and connecting to Your Personal Build. 
* Create your own personal power statements 
* Make your 2021 Vision Board (this keeps it in front of you in a place you use everyday.) 
* Build Your Power and re-connect to who you are and who you want to be
* Design and layout your perfect day, week and focus for the year
* Personally design and track your Personal Maintenance to take care of you! Just like you do routine maintenance on your need to take care of you. (This is crucial for us ladies.) We design how to make the time and stick to it together. 

Section II is your calendar and schedule. Stay organized, track tasks, break down your week and plan your day.
* Start with your year overview so you have the most important events, rides and more in one quick reference calendar.
* Layout your month with your Focus, Tasks, Notes and To Do List by month with a full sheet adjacent to the calendar so plenty of room to keep up with the month!
* Design your week for you! What is the focus, important things to focus on, what you need to get done and track those tasks in the weekly tracker.
* Break down each day with room for your daily To Do's, schedule your time and appointments and make notes 

Section III is all about your Jeep! Breakdowns from our Courses are included in this section including;
* Design Your Build with a Current Spec Worksheet and Build Overview Sheet 
* Trail Riding Packing Checklist (you won't ever misplace it again)
*Track all of your vehicle Maintenance for the service and month

Don't forget one of the most important parts....Jeep inspiration and motivation for YOU!

2021 Drive Your Life Planner

Ladies Jeep Inspired Planner to help you Take the Wheel & Drive Your Life in 2021

2021 Drive Your Life Complete Process

Breakdown, Tools, Exercises and Mindsets 
TOGETHER, LIVE and with Coaching!

What if I told you that you could change how you feel, what you focus on, where you spend your energy and create more joy in your life in 2019?

You CAN!

Make 2019 YOUR year!

Re-connect to who you are, and who you want to become. I know I lost "me" along the way when life took over......


I found myself and re-connected to the ME I was and that I want to be....all behind the wheel of my Jeep!

My Jeep inspires me to be the person that I really want to be. I feel strong, confident and I want to share with you how to carry that over into every aspect of life....not just behind the wheel.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Section I start with You in your Personal Build
Section II Your Calendar and Schedule to get organized and track your important focus
(Pages Have Printed Dates for The Year For You)
Section III  All About Your Jeep
Your 2021 Drive Into Your New Life Planner
Designed especially for the Jeep Lady....
  • Beautifully Professionally Designed from Cover to Cover with beautiful graphics, layout and design. 
  • Wire Bound for durability and quality to last
  •  Cover has an added Gloss Protection to help with water marks and to hold up all year long.
  • Total of 150 pages
  • 12 pages dedicated to YOUR Personal Build to set yourself up for the most successful year yet. 
  •  1 Year Overview Page, 12 Monthly Pages with plenty of room for keeping notes, focus and more each month. 12 Monthly Calendar Pages. 53 weekly tracking and focus pages with 53 daily pages by the week. Plenty of room to add your To Do and schedule your time and appointments for the day. 
  • 6 Jeep Training and Overview Pages 
  •  1 Year overview to look ahead for 20201as well as notes for this year or things to keep in one place together. 
High Quality Print and Beautiful Planner! 

"Who You Become Behind The Wheel Is YOU! Your Jeep Makes You Want To Be The Person You Are!" -

Your 2021 Drive Into Your New Life Complete Process
Designed especially for the Jeep Lady....
  • Set yourself up for a great 2021
  •  Thankfulness Challenge Starts Monday, November 23rd - Wednesday, November 25th - start shifting your Mindset
  • Drive Your Life Series- Monday, December 7th - Monday, December 14th & Monday, December 22nd at 7:00pmEST 
  • DRIVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY WORKSHOP - Wednesday, December 30th from 7:00pmEST to 9:00pmEST 
  •  Work on mindsets, tools, breakdowns, focus and more.....
  • ​You deserve to live your dreams, look ahead and drive through the gate to 2021 with all the recovery equipment (for yourself) that you need inside! 

2021 Drive Your Life Planner

Ladies Jeep Inspired Planner to help you Take the Wheel & Drive Your Life in 2021

2021 Drive Your Life Complete Process

Breakdown, Tools, Exercises and Mindsets 
TOGETHER, LIVE and with Coaching!

join us and lets hit the trail together this year!!
Kristin DeLibero
Instructor, Coach and Motivator for Drive Your Life Training 

Be a part of this AMAZING group of Ladies for 2021! 
Dear Fellow Lady Jeeper,

I wanted to take a minute and personally reach out to you.

As I am sitting here, I am thinking through my past year....
all the changes I have made in my life,
the new found excitement and passion I have for life,
the new outlook I have discovered.

I was at an event, in my YJ, we were on Black trails and as I made a left turn to come up the trail I was met by a rock ledge. I watched a built Toyota in front of me crawl right up....but my heart was pounding in my chest...I felt nervous and unsure if I could drive it.
All those “what if’s” and self doubt chattered in my mind. Was I ready? Could I do this? What if I couldn’t? It was hard. Maybe it was to hard for me....and so on.

Then I took a deep breath, stopped those voices and talked myself through....I had a built Jeep that was capable of doing this, the worst thing that would happen is I wouldn’t make it and have to winch and that was ok, I was just learning. If I didn’t do it now I would never push myself and get better.

With hands shaking, gripped to the steering wheel I started my attempt. I had to back up and re-position and then we crawled right up.....when I reached the top and pulled off to wait for the rest of our group to accent the ledge I had a sense of strength, accomplishment and success. I felt powerful and self confident....something I had not felt in myself for a while. I felt alive again in a way I hadn’t felt in years!

BUT....the biggest moment I discovered was how my Jeep was a vessel for changing my life. I took this newly discovered feeling of who I was behind the wheel, how I felt and the strength I personally was filled with. 

If I could be that person behind the wheel in those moments of life...I could be that person in all aspects of my life.
I decided from that moment on to change my life! When I made tough decisions, had to have hard conversations or needed to make a decision that would ultimately make me happier I remembered that feeling, that person in that moment and stood in that strength.

I have been a coach for the past five years,
helping other people in their lives,
but it was always easier helping others then looking into my own life, struggles and changes I needed to make. Until I found this secret of tapping into my own strength for myself.

I made some HUGE changes!
I stepped away from work that no longer made me happy and caused stressed in my life and family.
I put my relationship with my family first. I put the effort and focus in to being a better wife and mother. My relationships have never been better and we have all never been happier.
I say "no" a lot more and make decisions based on what I want for me!
I lost 38 pounds for me and feel better about myself then I have in years!

I took my life back!! It is the biggest freeing and happiest thing I have done for myself!

Why am I sharing my story with you today?

Because right now is your moment! Your time to make a decision for you!

Will you climb that ledge and change your life?

The great news is you don’t have to ride that trail alone.
Join me and the amazing ladies who have already decided that this is the year to climb the ledge together.

Grab the Wheel and Drive Your Life.

I will see you at the top of the ledge! I know you can make it...I did!
I hope to see you in 2021 and we can Drive This Trail Together!

Much Love,
Kristin DeLibero 
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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