Take Your Driving Skills To The Next Level....
Gain More Control, Know Where Your Tires Are & Protect Your Jeep....

No Matter What Your Driving Experience!

Package Includes; Driving Exercise Booklet, 4 Practice Cones and Course
having the confidence in your skills
to negotiate the trail
with no stress or worry!

Nobody Is Born Knowing How To DRIVE

In fact, it takes trial and error.....
mixed with putting in the time and effort. 

BUT....this Lady Jeepers S.P.O.T.S™ You program is going to help you jump start your skills,
and deepen your knowledge of YOUR particular Jeep!

The Practice At Home Mastery Course Includes....
* Driving Exercises with Cones Booklet
* Set of 4 Lady Jeepers Practice Cones 
Priced at $67.00 $47.00

BONUS 1!!!! Limited Time....
* S.P.O.T.S™ Course packed full of a breakdown together with driving examples of each Section Exercise. - Priced at $37.00 (FREE BONUS)

BONUS 2!!!! Limited Time....
* LadyJeepers.com mini Educational Package Included 
Get the information you need to get you started on your Jeep Educational Journey!
* How to Air Down Your Tires Instructional Card
*Winch & Recovery Instructional Card
* Ladies Pocket Guide that includes the basics all in the palm of your hands
- Priced at $12.00 (FREE BONUS)

BONUS 3!!!! Limited Time....
* Lady Jeepers Inspirational Wristband to wear with pride
* Lady Jeepers Koozie to use for your favorite drinks
- Priced at $7.00 (FREE BONUS)

Package Value of $123.00 and yours today for only $47.00! 
Driving exercises with cones booklet
Packed full of exercises to get complete tire and Jeep control as well as precision
  • Protect and Keep your Jeep safe - Know where each individual tire is to ensure no misjudging trees, obstacles or ditches. 
  • No more worry or anxiety because you know exactly where your Jeep and tires are when it comes to mounting or avoiding obstacles.
  • ​Move up and progress to the harder trails like a BOSS. Advanced trails and obstacles require advanced skills....which is what you are creating by training your eye and feel of YOUR Jeep.
  • Impress yourself and feel confident at the next trail ride with your improved ability, precision and control of your driving skills. 
  • Broken into Six Section with different Cone Set up to mimic Trail scenarios in each section.
  • ​26 different focused exercises with a specific goal of each one.
  • 6x9 Booklet, Spiral bound to make it easy to have out with you for practice. 
  • 4 Lady Jeepers.com Cones
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Perfect size for these precision exercises
Even more....
Lady Jeepers S.p.o.t.s™ You Course
Limited Time FREE BONUS!
Offered for the first time ever!!

  • Examples of every exercise as well as cone set up - this gives you an even deeper understanding of the purpose of each exercise. 
  • Plus how it relates back to on the trail.
  • I walk you through examples of the exercises being driven together. 
  • See how to do these exercises and how not to do these exercises.
  • ​First time this course has ever been offered!! You get this before other people. 
  • Access to ask direct questions if you need extra coaching or help. 
  • You get all this for FREE as an added Bonus in your Practice At Home Package!

Yours TODAY for ONLY $47.00
join us, 
and head down the trail to education together!!
Kristin DeLibero
Back County Instructor, 20+ Years Professional Coach, Experiential Facilitator
for LadyJeepers.com

This is your moment.
The decision is now.
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